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Anterior Bridges
Davis, CA

Close up of a beautiful woman smiling from Davis Dental Practice in Davis, CAMissing teeth can cause a wide variety of daily issues. Aside from the aesthetic concerns that arise from missing teeth, a range of functionality problems can occur such as difficulty eating and speaking. If you are missing one or more teeth in the front of your mouth, an anterior bridge may be the right replacement option for you.

At Davis Dental Practice, we understand the importance of having a full set of teeth. We will work with you to make sure that your replacement teeth are as natural and functional as possible.

What Is an Anterior Bridge?

An anterior bridge is a dental prosthetic that replaces one to three missing teeth in the front portion of your mouth. The crowns can be made with various materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, and gold, or with a mixture of different materials. Typically, there will be a metal core that is surrounded by ceramic or porcelain material.

An anterior bridge will stay in place by connection to surrounding teeth. The existing teeth adjacent to the missing teeth will be capped with a crown. These adjacent crowns are connected to pontic teeth, which are artificial and will appear to be naturally emerging from the gumline.

Why Is an Anterior Bridge the Right Choice?

Missing one or more teeth can cause compounding dental issues. Gaps in teeth are prone to bacterial buildup, which can lead to infection or decay. Since there is more room in your mouth with missing teeth, the surrounding teeth may start to move and fill the gaps. When this happens, your bite will no longer be even, and this can cause your jaw to become misaligned.

Teeth are also responsible for our ability to speak and enunciate correctly. If you have missing teeth, you may have noticed that it is more difficult to pronounce certain consonants. Aside from speech issues, missing teeth are a cosmetic issue that may discourage you from smiling or speaking.

Anterior bridges are a safe replacement for your teeth and do not require implants because they are fixed to existing teeth. This means you will not have to undergo expensive or invasive implant surgeries.

What Is the Procedure for Installing an Anterior Bridge?

To get an anterior bridge, you will first have to set up a consultation with our team to ensure your oral history is appropriate for the procedure. Once approved, we will get an impression of your mouth with either a physical material, like alginate, or with a digital scan of your mouth. The impression will then be sent to a lab technician.

The lab technician will use the impression of your mouth to create a 3D model of a bridge that will be both comfortable and secure. Our professionals will shape the teeth adjacent to the bridge so that a cap can be placed over them. Once the crowns are in place, they are cemented with resin so that the bridge stays secure. After the crowns are cemented, the procedure is complete.

Anterior bridges are a good solution for patients who have one or more missing front teeth. Missing teeth are problematic, but our team will work with you to make your smile healthy again. At Davis Dental Practice, we give each patient the care and attention they need for proper oral health. Give us a call at (530) 756-5300 and get the care you need today.
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Anterior bridges are a good solution for patients who have one or more missing front teeth. Call Davis Dental Practice to schedule an appointment today!
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