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How Your Body Responds To Oral Hygiene

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Evan
How Your Body Responds To Oral HygienePeople may think that flossing, brushing, and having regular checkups means that the teeth and gums remain healthy. However, it may not just be the brushing and flossing, but how you do it. You need to brush and floss properly as a dentist advises. Your oral habits can affect areas of the body away from your mouth.

Mouth as the Gateway to the Body

Your mouth acts as a portal to the body's internal organs. It allows direct access to the lungs and the digestive system. Your digestive tract which begins from the mouth has delicate tissue along with tiny blood vessels lining it. The vessels absorb nutrients and things like bacteria from the mouth.

In the same way, the lungs have minute blood vessels that also take in oxygen from the mouth as well as other substances like bacteria from the mouth. That is the reason why bacteria are able to cause infections in the oral civility in addition to areas of the body far from the mouth. Bacteria in the mouth are also allied to inflammation in different parts of the body, which is, in turn, related to several serious health problems.

Poor Oral Hygiene and Health of the Body

Bad oral hygiene practices can affect the body in various ways, often causing poor health and worsening existing conditions. Some health conditions may cause gum disease. Also, gum disease can occur as a complication of some conditions like diabetes. High blood sugar levels witnessed in diabetic patients can impact blood vessels, often reducing the flow of blood.

When there is poor blood flow, it weakens the gums since they don't receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients to keep them functioning optimally. This way, they become prone to infection. In addition, high blood sugar in diabetics may encourage bacterial growth, especially in the mouth. Chronic poor oral hygiene that leads to severe gum disease can also increase blood sugar in the body, causing other diabetes-related issues in the body. Other diseases linked to poor oral hygiene and gum disease are stroke and heart disease.

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