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Dealing With Chronic Toothache

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Evan
Dealing With Chronic ToothacheA toothache can be caused by anything, from a stuck piece of food in the tooth to a bacterial infection or, even worse, a broken tooth. A gum infection can also lead to severe toothache. For a typical toothache, some medication can come in handy; however, you might consider visiting a dentist in severe cases. What's toothache?


Toothache is a pain in the tooth or around the tooth, ranging from minor to severe pains. Low pain levels could be gum irritations and can be easily treated at home. Major pains, however, require dentist interventions. Toothaches are painful due to the soft material filled with nerve tissues and blood vessels in the teeth. The nerves in the teeth are among the most sensitive in the body; hence irritations of nerves by bacteria and infection cause a lot of pain.

Causes and Symptoms

Tooth decay is the primary cause of toothaches. The cavities cause irritations that lead to pain. An abscessed tooth is also another toothache caused and occurs when the infection is in the tooth's center. Also, broken or fractured teeth can cause toothaches. Grinding and clenching a tooth for an extended period and incorrectly done fillings could cause toothaches.

Some symptoms of toothaches include sharp pains in the tooth. The pains could be constant or throbbing. Some pains are due to applications of pressure on the tooth during biting. Other symptoms include swelling around the tooth, headaches, fever, and Foul tasting substances due to infection.

Offering care

Some toothaches can come and vanish without necessarily visiting the dentist. Avoid chewing around the areas affected during the toothache and normalize by eating soft foods like yogurt. Rinse the mouth using salt water as salt water acts as a disinfectant and reduces inflammation. Use a cold compress for swollen parts of the mouth. Visit us for more advice and treatment of toothaches.
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