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Foods that Worsen your Gums

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Evan
Foods that Worsen your GumsGums are essential to your oral structure and taking care of them is very important. Avoid or limit the following foods in addition to making sure you are brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day and visiting your dentist for regular tooth cleanings:

High-Sugar Beverages

Tooth decay speeds up by consuming sugary beverages such as cold drinks, preserved juice, soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks. You can decrease its influence with certain snacks or light meals and rinse your mouth afterward.

Chocolates & Candies

Due to the high sugar content, candy and chocolates can remain on your tongue for more extended periods. Eventually, this can lead to tooth damage and cavities due to the germs it attracts.

A variety of acids in sour sweets are detrimental to the teeth. Aside from that, chewing hard candy might also lead to tooth decay.

Tobacco and Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol can harm the teeth, soft tissues, and diminish salivation. Cavities are more likely if saliva is not flowing as it should to wipe away food particles and protect teeth from acids.

Acidic and Citrus Foods

Citrus and acidic foods like tomatoes, lemons, and raw mangoes can cause tooth decay and damage if ingested in large quantities alone. Eating these fruits with other foods is best and thoroughly rinse your mouth with water afterward if you are concerned about their toxicity.

Foods High in Starch

Starchy foods like potato chips and white bread can stick to teeth and attract bacteria, resulting in cavities or other dental problems. Because starchy foods leave residue on teeth and gums, it is vital that you thoroughly rinse your mouth afterward.

Energy Boosting Drinks

Aside from their high sugar and acidic content are hazardous for your teeth and gums, energy drinks can boost but dehydrate you, give you headaches and mood swings, and raise your heart rate while also giving you a boost. Visit or call us today if you have any dental problems in your gums.
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