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Importance of Flossing

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Evan
Importance of FlossingBacteria and plaque can quickly build up when flossing is neglected. When food remains lodged between the teeth and is not adequately removed, bacteria irritate gum tissues, worsening as bacteria levels rise. If left untreated, it can lead to gingivitis, a periodontal disease marked by red, puffy, and easily bleeding gums.

Keep your teeth in good shape.

Bacteria between your teeth irritates your mouth and eats away at your tooth enamel, causing cavities. Flossing helps to remove plaque and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Regular flossing aids in the detection of imminent cavities as well as swelling or redness in the mouth. Flossing also helps in avoiding tooth cavities. Little food remains found between the teeth can result in cavity-causing plaque.

Freshens breath

Flossing ensures the mouth has a fresh breath as it facilitates the removal of the trapped little bits of food in your mouth, thus eliminating chances of bad odor emission. The plaque builds up around the teeth and erodes the tooth enamel, which causes cavities and gum diseases that contribute to bad breath. However, flossing comes in handy and freshens up your mouth.

Eradicate plaques

Plaques are colorless adhesive films that gather between the teeth and the gum line. Although they are not well visible, it isn't something one wants to last in their mouth for long. When mixed with the bacteria in the mouth, plaques from, around, and on the teeth, plus the sugary food and drinks release acid that breaks down into carbohydrates. They mix to form a plaque if one doesn't brush their teeth. Flossing eliminates the formed plaques leaving your mouth fresh and healthy.

Keeps the teeth clean

After eating some of the food, substances stick on and around the teeth. Some of these food substances cannot be removed by brushing the teeth; hence flossing the mouth is vital to remove these food substances hence leave the teeth clean.

At our offices, we recommend flossing your mouth once in a while to enhance quality dental health. Call us now and schedule an appointment with our dentist for more information on flossing benefits.
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