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Steps We Can Take When Kids Will Need Braces as Teens

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Evan
Steps We Can Take When Kids Will Need Braces as TeensIt's hard enough to be a kid in modern times, and that difficulty is compounded when they find out that they'll need braces. To help ease the transition into them wearing braces and being okay with them, here are some steps that can be taken before they come to us that will help them before, during, and after the installation of braces.

Talk to Them; Listen to Them

First thing's first, talking to your child and communicating with them about what needs to happen and why is a huge factor in how your child reacts to the braces. If they don't understand the importance of straight teeth or how it will affect them in the long run of their life, then you need to ensure they understand the necessity.

On the flip side, you need to provide support for their eventual transition into our office. There are a lot of questions and concerns around orthodontic work, and in the case of kids, they are sensitive to how the process will look to their friends, to their romantic interests, and for their future. It's hard for them to picture themselves with and without braces, so ensuring that they will come out on the other side as looking and feeling better is essential to them participating in the required upkeep on the braces.

Begin Routines Now

Braces require routine checkups, adjustments, cleaning, and care, so building up those habits now are hugely important to their adaptation to the braces. Many parents find that making their teeth brushing schedule fun through apps or games helps in fostering those practices. Meanwhile, parents should speak with us to determine the best plan to approach your child's unique needs. It they have a narrow palate that will make their adult teeth impacted, then speaking to us about palate expanders is a great way to begin the process. For more about how to help your child through the phases of dental work and the discomforts, contact us soon, and we'll help you through the process.
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