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How often do you need to do a dental checkup

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Evan
How often do you need to do a dental checkup. To achieve oral health, healthy smile and great appearance we need to have regular dental checkups. Visiting a dentist should not be an experience that we fear, a dentist will examine you to identify if your teeth are in perfect health. Regular dental checkups at least twice a year can help a dentist identify any problem that is present or an upcoming oral problem. For instance, if you have gingivitis which is a less severe form of gum disease it can be reversed easily. On the other hand, a severe gum disease known as periodontal disease causes dental health hazards for it can lead to teeth loss, extraction and even having implants.

what are dental checkups

Dental checkups are routine visits to the dentist that involve examination and cleaning. On the other hand, dental treatments are specialized visits that treat issues with deep teeth cleanings, fillings, teeth removal, root canals, and more. If you have a regular dental check-up this can minimize dental treatments and going for checkups will be a fun experience.


What will happen during my dental check-up

Going to see a dentist can be intimidating and so many people fear going for checkups. A dental check-up is comfortable and there is nothing to worry about. The dentist performs a number of things like examining your mouth, gums, and teeth. The dentist will ask you questions regarding your overall health and the dental issues you have had in the past and even will want to know what you eat and the alcohol and tobacco that you use. During this checkup, the dentist will give you advice on ways that can help you achieve oral hygiene. The dentist will family recommend a treatment that can treat your dental issues
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