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How Can You Tell if You Have a Numb Tooth?

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Evan
How Can You Tell if You Have a Numb Tooth?If you need to have a dental procedure, you will most likely have your teeth and gums numbed beforehand. We may apply a local anesthesia to numb part of your mouth. We do this by injecting a local anesthetic into your cheek or gum. This effectively numbs your mouth in a short time so we can work on your teeth.

It is possible to have a numb tooth for another reason. If you have experienced trauma to a tooth, it can become numb. Perhaps you fell up the stairs and hit your tooth on a step. You may have a numb tooth following that event. Maybe you were in an accident or injured your teeth. These scenarios could also cause a tooth to become numb. Even simple dental problems may result in numbness. If you have tooth decay, or an infection in your tooth, the nerves in your mouth can be affected. As a result, your tooth may become numb. You may not be able to feel your tooth when you bite down or push on it with your finger. If you have other complications and a numb tooth, it is important to make an appointment with us right away. We can help identify the problem.

How Does a Numb Tooth Feel?

If you have a numb tooth, you will not be able to feel what is happening with that tooth. The nerves are being affected in one way or another, and it is important to call our office to get an appointment right away.

If you have recently had dental work, your tooth may be numb for a couple hours after the procedure. Delay eating hot or cold beverages as well as food. If you eat while your mouth is still numb, you may risk biting down on your tongue.

Call us For Help

Give us a call if you have experienced numbness in your teeth. We can help identify and solve your dental problems. We look forward to working with you.
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