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What We Look For Immediately After Dental Trauma

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Evan
What We Look For Immediately After Dental TraumaSometimes we find ourselves in situations out of our control. Dental trauma happens when your toddler falls on the steps and breaks a tooth. Dental trauma can also happen during contact sports, or even during backyard plays. Many situations classify as dental trauma, and we want to help you be prepared in these unexpected situations.

Dental trauma is unpredictable. It is good to have a plan. As you have practiced the fire escape route with your family, it is important to also have an emergency plan including dental trauma. Post our office number in a prominent place so your kids know who to call if they chip a tooth or have a sports related injury in the backyard.

What we Look for in Dental Trauma Cases

If someone comes into our office with dental trauma, we look for several things. First, we look to see if you have all your teeth in place. An avulsed tooth, or knocked out tooth, requires immediate attention. If you have the tooth with you, we will examine it to see how much of the tooth remains. We will also look to see if any of your teeth are chipped or fractured.

It is unlikely that you would have the broken piece of the tooth with you, and we will most likely use a tooth-colored filling to repair the tooth. We also look at the root of the injured tooth. We want to check and see if the tooth is dead. Do you have bleeding at the gumline? Is your tooth numb? Is your tooth loose? These are all questions we will ask to get the total picture of your dental trauma.

Trauma Requires Immediate Action

Give our office a call if you're experiencing any type of dental trauma. We will work quickly to relieve your pain and remedy the situation. In the meantime, go over a plan with your family so that each member understands who to call if you have dental trauma.
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