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Do Cavities in the Mouth Ever Refill on Their Own if They are Small Enough?

Posted on 11/11/2019 by Office
Do Cavities in the Mouth Ever Refill on Their Own if They are Small Enough?Cavities are some of the most common dental issues in America today. This comes as a result of the food we eat coupled with poor dental habits. Cavities are usually the damaged areas on the tooth's surface that always develop into holes after some time.

Some of the factors that cause tooth cavity are frequently eating candy, sugary drinks, inadequate brushing, lack of enough fluoride and bacteria in the mouth. The symptoms of cavities may vary due to its location because when it begins, the condition is not painful at all. However, as the hole gets deeper, the pain and discomfort are more prevalent.

Can Cavities Refill Themselves?

In essence, cavities are holed on the surface of the tooth caused by the acidic environment that's as a result of bacteria mixing with sugary foods and drinks. When the cavity is small enough, there is a possibility that it could repair itself. This is with the help of a process called remineralization where fluoride, calcium, and phosphates are redeposited onto the top layer of the enamel thereby fixing the hole. However, for this to work, the person must be practicing great dental care so that the environment doesn't turn acidic to the detriment of the tooth. However, if the hole gets large and deep enough, naturally reversing the damage becomes virtually impossible. 

When they get bigger, they affect the deeper parts of the tooth. This can easily lead to loss of the tooth, headaches which are very severe and even infection of the tooth. This will eventually put your gum at risk and even your heart may not be spared. It is advisable to have regular visits to ensure that the cavity is stopped on time in case you have one or even several. Some of the symptoms to look out for are; tooth sensitivity, especially when eating or drinking sweet beverages regardless of whether hot or cold and pain that can occur anytime for no apparent reason. 

For you to prevent yourself or loved ones from cavities, all you are required to do is to ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day, avoid the use of tobacco, consume foods that are healthy to your teeth and most important of all, schedule a visit with us at least twice a year.
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