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How Can We Assist in Your Efforts to Quit Smoking?

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Office
How Can We Assist in Your Efforts to Quit Smoking?A lot of people who smoke are usually willing to stop but the cravings and withdrawal symptoms usually make it so hard for them. That's because of the nicotine which plays a major role in changing how the brain functions and make it dependent on it hence the need to smoke again.

When you do not get your nicotine dose, you begin to get very irritable and start feeling very anxious. Dentists can counsel individuals who are trying to quit smoking by informing them of all the risks they are placing themselves into or even prescribe cessation medicine that can help an individual to quit smoking.

How Our Dental Office Can Help

When it comes to smoking, dentists come in whereby they educate the patient about oral health and the dangers of nicotine in the mouth hence encouraging them to stop smoking and being in the front line advocating for cessation medications. We teach the patients about oral cancers, mucosal lesions and other oral diseases which are greatly affecting people who frequently use tobacco.

Studies have shown that consuming any tobacco-based product by either smoking it or chewing greatly impacts the smoker's life, hence making a big percentage of them to quit smoking. Dentists can also refer a group for their patients who are trying to quit smoking because at times going through it alone may be a bit hard, but the joining a group may be very helpful because all of them are working towards the same goal.

We can also help in the fight against smoking by placing the patient on nicotine replacement therapy or even administer other medication that will immensely lessen the urge to smoke. People who smoke can also be taught about how smoking causes inflammation and causes the periodontal pathogens to grow. Smoking often causes the blood vessels to shrink which causes the gingival blood supply to be reduced. If you ever feel like you need help with this, feel free to contact us for further assistance.
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