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Is a Water Flosser a Good Investment?

Posted on 10/28/2019 by Office
Is a Water Flosser a Good Investment?Growing up as a kid seeing a water flosser was only something that you would see at the dentist office. No way back then would you ever see one of those plugged in next to a sink.

With kitchen fridges that now keep track of food and even talk to us, it only makes sense that we would have something from a dentist office now available, right there in your bathroom. Now that they are readily available at home, what is the verdict and how effective are they?

What Are the Pros to a Water Flosser?

In weighing the pros and cons of a water flosser, the only rival is a piece of string. So we will be gauging if a water flosser is better overall and why. The first pro to having a Waterpik is it does not affect your gums in the same way a piece of floss can. Water gently washes the material away that is down in between your gums. 

If you wear braces a water flosser is much more effective at removing bacteria and other pieces of food that have accumulated in your braces. For people who are experiencing gum disease, they can use the Waterpik to remove bacteria inside deep pockets that form from the disease and pull away from your teeth.

In a lot of ways, the Waterpik is a combination of a brush and as well as floss for people that have gingivitis, the water flosser dislodges odor-causing bacteria and food debris. It helps prevent further bad breath by watering it out of the mouth. Clinical studies show that the water flosser is up to two times as effective as dental floss at reducing gingival bleeding and 29% more effective than dental floss is at removing bacteria. 

The cons of the water flosser

The first con right out the gate is a water flosser is much more costly than regular string. They can cost upwards of fifty to $100 and that's not including the price of extra heads for the device, they will need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. They also require electricity, which means it limits their mobility in comparison to dental floss, which can be taken with you anywhere.

The next con is the water jets are not as effective at removing tough plaque when compared to a piece of string. Old plaque is very resilient, strong and will cling to a tooth, making it hard to remove, a stream of water doesn't do the trick. 

We will leave the verdict to you on making the decision which one of these will be the best for your oral care. If you are in a financial position to purchase both the water flosser as well as your general floss. It's an ideal suggestion for the best oral care.

This will allow you to go a little easier on your gums with the string, using the water flosser to follow it up with. Our office is here to assist your oral care. Please contact us if you would like further information or have any questions or comments.
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