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Lowering Your Cholesterol Can Help Your Teeth Get Healthier

Posted on 9/11/2017 by Office
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Were you aware that there is a correlation between your teeth and your cholesterol? It is true. The higher your cholesterol, the more likely you are to struggle with gum disease, and the same in reverse.

If you take the time to eat a healthy diet and bring down your cholesterol, it can go a long way towards helping you have optimal oral health. Even lowering your cholesterol by a few points can help your mouth get healthier.

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Safely

There are quite a few things that you can do to lower your cholesterol. First, you need to eat the right foods. Steer clear of foods like red meats that are full of saturated fats. Second, you need to increase the amount of fiber you eat.

This helps rid your body of the cholesterol in your veins and arteries, and helps you feel better more quickly. Third, make sure you eat a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. You can get these from foods like salmon and almonds.

These don't directly lower your bad cholesterol, but they do raise your good cholesterol, which is also helpful.
The more you do to lower your cholesterol, the better off your oral health is going to be. During this process, make sure you are also taking good care of your mouth.

The more you work to keep your mouth healthy, the better your entire body is going to be. Go in and see your dentist if you have high cholesterol and see what he or she tells you that you can do about it. The more you know, the more you can do to help keep yourself healthy and progressing. Small changes can do a lot to help, so don't give up thinking it is too hard. Taking care of yourself is worth the effort!

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