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Problems You Are Likely to Notice When Your Gums Begin to Recede

Posted on 10/8/2018 by Office
Problems You Are Likely to Notice When Your Gums Begin to RecedeGum recession is a common problem that often goes unnoticed during the earliest stages. Gum recession involves the gums that move away from the teeth, exposing more of the vulnerable root system. If you are living with this condition, there are several problems that may present themselves.

Bleeding Gums

Recession is a sign of gum disease, and one of the other major indicators is bleeding gums. If your gums are pulling away from the teeth, there is a good chance that they'll also bleed easily when you brush or floss.

Tooth Sensitivity

As more of the tooth root becomes exposed with gum recession, you may experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold. This includes weather conditions like a cold wind as well as eating hot and cold food items. Traditional sensitivity treatments like anti-sensitivity toothpaste likely won't help, and you'll need a more intensive intervention for recovery.

Smile Changes

As the gums start to move away from the teeth, you'll likely notice changes in the appearance of your smile. The teeth may look longer, creating a toothy smile, and the amount of gum tissue showing may appear smaller. Many people feel unhappy with the look of their smile due to these changes, and this is often what inspires them to seek out help from a dentist.

Tooth Loss

In extreme cases, gum recession can actually lead to tooth loss. When the tissues needed to hold the teeth into place are no longer there, it will be difficult for the teeth to remain in a static location. Tooth loss could occur, and depending on the health of the remaining gums and the rest of your mouth, restorations like dental implants might not even be viable options.

Do you feel that your gums are receding? If so, give our office a call to set up your next appointment.

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