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Ways of Getting Caffeine Without the Stains

Posted on 12/11/2017 by Office
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Many people are highly addicted to caffeine and drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks. However, too much caffeine can cause your teeth to stain a lot.

Drinking too much coffee, and energy drinks can mess up the color of your teeth and turn them yellow. You can have the caffeine you want, or you can have beautiful, white teeth. However, this is no longer true because there are a few different ways to get your caffeine fix without the stains on your teeth. Here is more information on how you can get your fix.

Taking a Bath With Caffeinated Soap

There is some soap that has caffeine in it. Can you believe that? It is true! It is called Bath's Buzz Caffeinated Soap, and it will give you the energy you need without drinking coffee, tea, or energy drinks and staining your beautiful white teeth. Taking a bath with this soap and lathering up your body with it will wake you up and keep you awake all day. Try it!

Using Caffeinated Lotion

Bath's Buzz also has a caffeinated body lotion that you can use to get your fix without drinking a ton of coffee, tea, or energy drinks. I wouldn't recommend using both the soap and the lotion, however, in case it causes jitters. If you would rather lather your body up with the caffeinated lotion, than using the soap, either one is good.

Try Some Lip Balm
Try a Spazzstick lip balm on your lips to get your caffeine fix. This lip balm is made of caffeine and beeswax to give you the jolt you need for the day.

Trying it on your lips will wake you up since the lips are the thinnest part of the body. Try any one of these types of caffeinated products to get your fix for the day without staining your teeth. You can also contact us for more information about this.

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