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Why Do You Get White Spots and Lines on Your Teeth?

Posted on 8/27/2018 by Office
Why Do You Get White Spots and Lines on Your Teeth?White spots and lines on your teeth may be something that bother you and perhaps you're wondering how they got there in the first place.

There are a few different causes of spots on the teeth, and they depend on how long you've had them. Let's look at three different reasons and what you can do to lessen the appearance of the spots or lines.

Disrupted Enamel

If you've had white spots and lines in your teeth since childhood, the chances are that you may have experienced a disruption in the enamel formation. This is called enamel hypoplasia. Another cause of white spots appearing is hyperflourosis, when people use or ingest too much fluoride, often from toothpaste.

Both of these reasons are common and while the white spots are permanent, a professional whitening can help make the spots less noticeable by lightening the stains on the surrounding area. Alternatively, dental veneers can completely cover the tooth and hide any variations in color.


As an adult, if you notice the onset of white spots or lines in your teeth, it is likely from one of two scenarios. The first is a plaque build-up. This can cause hard, scaly white spots on the teeth near the gum line and make the teeth appear discolored. A good cleaning can help you remove this plaque, which will in turn remove the spots.

A little more serious is the beginning stages of tooth decay. Cavities can occasionally appear as brighter white spots because as the bacteria and plaque digest the tooth enamel, it becomes thinner and it may appear bright white.

Whichever the case, white spots and lines on the teeth should be brought to the attention of our staff so we can help you determine what is causing them. Our staff is ready to help you put your best smile forward, so call us today and schedule your check up!

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