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It Is Important to Always Let Us Know About Any Allergies You May Have

Posted on 7/23/2018 by Office
It Is Important to Always Let Us Know About Any Allergies You May HaveMost of us think of our oral health as being independent of the rest of our body's health, but this is far from true. Your oral health has a direct impact on your overall health.

The exact opposite is also true in that any changes in your overall health will directly impact your oral health. This is why it's so important to tell us about any allergies you may have.

RCT (Root Canal Treatment)

There's a high likelihood that you could develop an allergy to this treatment for several reasons. This is because you may be allergic to the latex that's used in this procedure. Latex is found in the dam that protects your mouth from the heat that's needed to complete the root filling.

It's also found in the gutta percha (the rubber-like material used to fill the empty “hole”) and the gloves that we wear while working in your mouth. Additionally, if you need a metal bridge attached and know that you're allergic to metal, you should inform us of this before your gums become irritated and inflamed.

Dealing with Allergies While in our Office

Some people have allergies to specific materials used in dentistry. While these allergies are quite rare, none of these allergies are worth risking your health for. If you take the time to tell us about all your allergies, we can take steps to make you feel more comfortable.

Whether this is as simple as finding non-latex gloves to wear while working on you or finding a different treatment option, this isn't something we can't do so you shouldn't be afraid to tell us about your allergies – even your possible allergens. We care about you and your oral health so contact us to schedule your root canal today.

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