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Damage That Can Occur When Flossing is Not Done Properly

Posted on 9/9/2019 by Office
Damage That Can Occur When Flossing is Not Done ProperlyA recent study showed only 17% of people floss every single day. The rest were sporadic and just typically when something was stuck in their teeth. Since 1979 the federal government has recommended flossing.

Those guidelines have to follow scientific evidence. So, the facts are in. Flossing should be a regular part of your oral health. There are ways to floss incorrectly and it can cause damage to your oral health if you aren't flossing correctly.

Typical Mistakes Made During a Floss

If you are flossing incorrectly, you are shoving the plaque down into your gums. If left there, it begins to irritate the gums, and cause swelling. Down the road, you may experience gum diseases like gingivitis or halitosis. Don't floss too roughly, it's important to get the bacteria off your teeth.

Focus on slowly sliding between teeth around and back out. If your gums bleed you are flossing too hard. After flossing brush your teeth. Never rely solely on flossing as the loose bacteria needs to be brushed out. Brush your teeth twice per day, but you only need to floss once per day.

Learning the Correct Way to Floss Correctly

There are many types of floss available on the market, you can get them from your dentist, or retail store. Stores with a pharmacy will usually have a better selection. We have talked to people that have a difficult time with certain floss brands that snag and break because their teeth are compacted together. There are certain designs for that exact purpose. They look like a sideways Y, with a small string attached to each side. Some situations arise with young children or the elderly that have limited strength.

We suggest using those assisted floss products. They eliminate the need to use both hands. Ask a pharmacy tech if you can't find them. Also, it is important to purchase safe products. Make sure they have the American Dental Association (A.D.A.) stamp of approval.

Flossing is just one part of healthy oral care. We are available to provide comprehensive care to new patients. We encourage you to visit our office. If you'd like to learn more or if you have questions, give our office a call. We are happy to help.
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