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Treats That Aren't Likely to Cause Tooth Decay

Posted on 5/22/2017 by Office
A woman suffering from severe tooth decay.
Some items are notoriously bad for your teeth, like gummy candies, after-dinner mints, and sports drinks. They do damage to you without really giving you any overall benefit. However, not all treats are like those items.

Some of them are actually pretty good for your teeth. Just make sure you eat the right foods, and the right servings, and you are able to enjoy sweets without having to worry about waking up the next day to a cavity!

Foods You Want to Look for When You Want a Sweet Treat

Have you eaten any dark chocolate lately? If you want healthy teeth, you should. Recent studies have shown that one of the primary chemicals found in dark chocolate is really good for keeping cavities and tooth decay away from your teeth. Eat it as a treat now and again, and you may find you experience less cavities. Want to increase how good for you the chocolate is? Try some of your favorite fruits dipped in dark chocolate!

What about a yogurt parfait? You can go with traditional yogurt or frozen, depending on your preference. Then, pack it full of your favorite fruits and a little nut or granola topping to add in a bit of crunch. This is a great sweet treat when you want a healthy smile, as yogurt contains a lot of calcium and chemicals which coat your teeth. These help your teeth avoid decay, and refortify your teeth at the same time.

Don't shy away from having any type of treat, just pick the right type of treat. Pick treats that are going to help your teeth stay strong and healthy. Then, 30-60 minutes after eating those treats, make sure to brush your teeth really well to get any leftover sweets off your teeth. That will surely help you retain your bright, healthy smile.

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