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Eating Disorders Can Really Damage Your Teeth

Posted on 7/6/2020 by Office
Eating Disorders Can Really Damage Your Teeth

Eating in a healthy manner is important for maintaining a strong, healthy set of teeth. We recommend that you consume plenty of produce, calcium, and your chosen source of protein to ensure that you have both a healthy mouth and body.

But what happens when eating gets out of hand? Whether you are undereating, or overeating, today we wanted to talk to you about how eating disorders can have a negative impact on your teeth.

Undereating and Bulimia

Many people are under the assumption that eating nothing is better for you than eating anything at all. This is deemed as anorexic behavior and it takes a heavy toll on your body. When you aren't getting enough nutrients, such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and iron, the risks of gum disease and tooth decay become higher.

Another eating disorder called bulimia, involves purging. This is the act of binge eating followed by intentional vomiting. This harms not only your teeth but also your stomach and throat. Due to the high acidity of stomach acid, it easily wears away the enamel on the back of your teeth.

Overeating and Unhealthy Eating

The other side of the eating disorder spectrum involves overeating; specifically junk foods. It is a common statement that sugary foods cause cavities- and it's true! The bacteria that cause cavities feed off of the sugar left on your teeth after consuming gummy worms, ice cream, and soda. These kinds of foods are commonly associated with binge eating.

Another food associated with binge eating is potato chips, this starchy snack easily get caught in between your teeth which can lead to plaque build-up

Are You In Need Of Dental Treatment?

If you are suffering damage done to your teeth, don't hesitate to call our office and book an appointment! We are here to help.
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