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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Dental Bonding

Posted on 8/12/2019 by Office
Top 3 Reasons to Consider Dental BondingAnyone who feels self-conscious about their smile should talk to us about bonding. This is a great way to fix any chips, cracks, or gaps you have so you can smile confidently. It also works especially well for anyone who has misshapen or discolored teeth. If this describes you, then you should know there are three reasons why you should consider dental bonding.

Doesn't Require Local Anesthesia
This is such a quick and easy procedure that you probably won't need any local anesthesia for it. We'll simply apply some dental putty to the surface of your tooth without any filing or drilling. People who have dental anxiety find this works well for them because you shouldn't even feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. However, if you do, simply tell us so we can give you some local anesthesia.

It's Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Unlike many other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental bonding is minimally invasive. We're simply applying some putty to the outside of your tooth where it'll harden under our ultraviolet or laser light. We won't remove any tooth enamel so you keep more of your natural tooth's enamel.

You'll Spend Less Time in our Chair
You probably don't like spending a lot of time in our office's chair and with dental bonding you won't have to. This is different from other dental restorations such as crowns that require at least two visits in our office.

With crowns your first appointment is spent having your tooth prepared and dental impressions taken so we can send them to a lab. You must then return for a second appointment to have your permanent dental restoration placed on your tooth. None of this is necessary with dental bonding so you're done in just one appointment.

If you feel like you'd be a good candidate for dental bonding, give our office a call. We'll schedule a time when we can sit down and discuss this process with you.
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