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Why Your Dentist’s Clean Is So Much Better Than Yours

Posted on 6/26/2017 by Office
An elderly woman receiving a dental cleaning.
You are a person that follows all of your dentist's recommendations to maintain your oral health. You brush your teeth morning and night for two minutes each session. You floss after meals and after snacks. You rinse with a fluoride mouthwash and brush with fluoride toothpaste.

You would think this is sufficient, wouldn't you? Well, it's good, but your dentist has instruments that can reach the areas your tools can't. No matter how well you follow directions, you can't reach all of the surfaces of your teeth that can form plaque and tartar.

What Tools Does the Dentist Have?

Your dentist has a powerful ultrasonic instrument that uses vibrations to knock large tartar pieces loose. It has little curved and rounded heads that the dentist keeps constantly in motion around your teeth.

As it loosens the tartar the dentist's water pick sprays a stream of water at the debris and washes it away from the tooth. When you wonder how often you should have a cleaning, realize that the longer the plaque stays in place the harder it gets and the more difficult it is to remove.

Once your dentist has finished with the ultrasonic tool, your teeth are rinsed of debris. Now you have the opportunity to rinse your mouth out before phase two of the cleaning. Phase two involves your dentist's special hand tools.

There are tools that can pick out smaller tartar deposits and tools that can smooth out rough edges on your teeth. They are called Curettes and Scalers.

Once the teeth are clean and smooth your dentist pulls out the polisher. The polisher spins and has a little cup at the end of it. The polisher, a gritty substance, is then applied to your teeth. Once this is complete, your cleaning is finished. Now you know why your dentist can do a better job of cleaning than you can.

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