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What Leads to a Sugar Sensitivity?

Posted on 6/24/2019 by Office
What Leads to a Sugar Sensitivity?Do sugary foods or beverages make your teeth feel sensitive? If your sweet tooth has you cringing in pain, you may need to investigate your sensitivity issue. These symptoms likely mean that you have problems with your enamel, but solutions are available to help you avoid discomfort while enjoying your favorite treats.

The Sugar Sensitivity Culprit

Tooth sensitivity is a term used for dentin or root hypersensitivity. When the enamel is damaged and the inner portions of the tooth are exposed, the nerves deep inside can be irritated. This may result in pain and discomfort.

There are many reasons that the teeth may become overly sensitive to sugar, but some of the most common causes include eating too many acidic foods and brushing too hard. Both of these issues can lead to enamel damage, and the sensitive inner layer of the teeth may be exposed. Once enamel damage occurs, sugary foods and other irritants have easier access into the center of the teeth, which leads to sharp pains.

Prevent Sugar Sensitivity

If your sweet tooth has you wondering how you'd ever be able to give up candy, baked goods, and soda, there are ways that you can prevent sensitivity. First, you should always consume these items in moderation, and consider rinsing your mouth out afterward to rinse away acids. Always use a short-bristled toothbrush and take care to brush effectively but not too hard. You should also use a toothpaste that is specifically formulated to protect the teeth against sensitivity.

Some people believe that tooth sensitivity is inevitable or something that we all have to deal with, but that simply isn't true. By better caring for your teeth and taking steps to combat sensitivity at the first step, you can avoid this discomfort when you consume sugar. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, please give our office a call for an evaluation.

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