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What Is It About Coffee That Really Stains Your Teeth?

Posted on 4/8/2019 by Office
What Is It About Coffee That Really Stains Your Teeth?You love your coffee—many people do. In fact, we know you really cannot live without it. There is no working without it, and your co-workers don't want to be anywhere near you until you have had a cup.

One problem remains—how do you drink your coffee and keep your teeth as white as possible? Keep reading for some helpful tips from us on getting and maintaining your beautiful smile.

How Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Tooth enamel is one of the hardest elements in the body, but it is not smooth or flat. All of our teeth have microscopically small pits and ridges where tiny pieces of food and drink can stay. While we know that you brush your teeth and floss faithfully, it is not possible to brush all of the food away because the pits are so small. Both coffee and tea contain pigments that can become snared in the cracks and ridges. Over time, those tiny pigments can cause permanent yellowish stains on your teeth.

Keeping Those Pearly Whites Pearly

We have some suggestions for you to keep your teeth looking beautifully white. First, we recommend you continue to brush and floss daily, because this is the best way to clean your teeth between visits to the dentist. Second, come and see us for regular checkups, so that we can clean your teeth and help you keep them white. We can also recommend services for you if your teeth need a little more whitening.

With a little work on your part: keeping your teeth brushed and flossed and keeping regular checkups so we can clean your teeth professionally, you can make sure your smile stays beautifully white. If it's been a while since your last checkup, why not call us today to schedule an appointment?
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