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How Sedation Can Make Achieving Optimal Oral Health Possible

Posted on 3/11/2019 by Office
How Sedation Can Make Achieving Optimal Oral Health PossibleFear of the dentist is a real problem. Even though there is nothing to be afraid of, many people will avoid going to the dentist because they fear the pain that they think that they are about to face.

Not seeing the dentist on a regular schedule can make any oral problem even worse, so it ends up being an unhealthy cycle. Fortunately, there is a solution. It is possible to have dental work done and not have to deal with the perceived pain.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a way to help you through your fears. With sedation, you will relax and not really be aware of what is going on. Many patients will have no memory of the experience, while others will have a vague memory of being relaxed.

There are two main ways that sedation dentistry is achieved. The first is with a pill. With that you will relax and might not remember much about what happened. The second choice is an IV. This will put you into a deeper sleep.

Sedation dentistry is good for more than just people who have a fear of dental procedures. It is also used quite often if a longer procedure is needed. That will be more comfortable for the patient and easier for the dental staff.

Because of sedation dentistry, more people are making dental appointments. This will help them to have better oral health overall. Sedation dentistry also will help to take care of larger problems. If you have put off seeing us because of fear, it is time to change that.

Seeing the dentist does not need to be something that you are afraid of. Instead, we would like to help you look at the big picture, which is having a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile.
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