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Top 3 Foods to Eat When Recovering from a Dental Procedure

Posted on 5/8/2017 by Office
Three smoothies beside each other.
Following a dental procedure that leaves your mouth a bit tender or sore, it is important that you still eat. If you don't give your body the nutrition it needs, healing is going to be much more difficult.

However, you do need to go through and make sure you are eating the right foods to help your mouth heal properly. Here are three of the best foods to make sure you have on hand after any type of invasive dental procedure.

Yogurt is Great for Oral Recovery

Not only does yogurt come in two coldness variations (fridge cold, or freezer cold), but it also comes in a huge variety of flavors, so it is something that can work for nearly everyone! It is soft, good for you, and full of calcium. This helps you heal up properly following any dental procedure.

Pasta is Easy to Eat
Even when your teeth are a bit sore, pasta is an easy to eat option that can often provide enough sustenance to get you through recovery. If you melt butter or cheese on the pasta, it gives you even more nutritional benefit. Serve it up without tomato sauce, however, as the acid in the sauce can make healing a bit more difficult.

Smoothies - with a Twist
Smoothies are often a great way to help fill you up with nutritious options, but this isn't always a great option, depending on what procedure you had done. If you just had an extraction, you don't want smoothies that have seeds. They could get caught in your sockets. Just strain them first, and enjoy!

When you have sore teeth, eating can be a bit difficult, but it is important. Make sure you fill your body with foods that you like, but also that are soft enough to not hurt your mouth. For more options, contact our office when the procedure is done.

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