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Interesting Facts About Our Drill

Posted on 1/7/2019 by Office
Interesting Facts About Our DrillAsk someone what their biggest fear is when they visit their office, and they will often talk about the sound of our dental drill. The whirring sound is something that sticks in the brain and causes many people to cringe when they think or hear it. While it is a sound that can frighten people, it does not tell much about what our drill does and why it is so important. Learning a few facts can help people manage the fear of this instrument.

Things You Probably Don't Know

Most people see the drills in our office and think they are a modern invention. This is not even close. The fists dental drill appeared more than 9,000 years ago. Over time the drills have gotten better. Before electricity, foot pedal drills were common. The types of drill bits have also gotten better over time. The drills of today may have ancient roots, but they are much better at their job.

Some may wonder why we wear masks while drilling. When we drill a tooth, it releases bacteria in the air. The amount of bacteria we breathe is similar to sneezing in our face.

We use two different types of drill. We have a high-speed drill that spins at roughly 250,000 revolutions per minute and a slow-speed drill that spins at around 8,000 RPM. We choose which drill depending on the needs of the time.

The drill bit is made of tungsten carbide, but we also have drill bits with a diamond coating to help with smoothing the rough edges.

We Know About Dental Drill Phobia

'People may not realize that we do understand the fear some people have of the dental drill. Because of that, we often refer to the drill as a handpiece to make it sound a little better. Unfortunately, this does not to change the sound that the drill makes that strikes fear into many people.

To learn more about the tools we use or for any other oral health questions you have, contact our office to schedule an appointment.
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