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5 Common Orthodontic Problems and How to Treat Them

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Dagon Jones DDS
Close up of a beautiful smileThe teeth play a significant role in biting, chewing, and speaking. The way they align defines your smile, facial appearance, and overall oral health. However, the teeth do not always remain in the same position during their lifecycle. They drift gradually and naturally by about 0.25 millimeters. If tooth mobility exceeds these figures, it can result in misalignment, bite issues, and excessive spacing. It can also cause abnormal eruption, overcrowding, and impacted teeth. An orthodontist can help address these dental concerns and restore your smile. Here are common orthodontic problems that affect children and adults:


It occurs when your mouth does not have adequate space to accommodate and align all teeth appropriately. Crowded teeth make it challenging to brush your teeth properly, increasing the risk of dental caries. Possible treatments include tooth extraction or expanding the jaws with a palatal expander.

Excessive Spacing

This occurs when one or more teeth fail to erupt, leaving spaces between adjacent teeth. These gaps may also be a result of dental trauma, gum disease, genetics, or discrepancies between the teeth and jawbone size. Possible solutions include dental implants, braces, and dental bonding.

Bite Problems

Bite issues develop when the upper and lower teeth fail to align when biting. The upper teeth may protrude more than the lower teeth, leading to an overbite. In some cases, the lower teeth may extend further than the upper teeth, resulting in an underbite. Treatment options include braces, Invisalign aligners, and dental bonding.

Abnormal Eruption or Impacted Teeth

Abnormal eruption occurs when a tooth breaks through the gum in the incorrect position. Sometimes, the affected tooth might fail to erupt or emerge in an awkward position. Treatment options include tooth extraction and minor oral surgery.

Crooked or Rotated Teeth

Crooked or rotated teeth can result from dental disease, poor oral hygiene, or dental trauma. Possible solutions include clear aligners, retainers, and braces.

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Orthodontic problems can significantly impact your smile and overall oral health. Fortunately, most issues are treatable and preventable. Contact us to book an appointment with our dentist for a full evaluation.
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