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Is There a Better Type of Sugar to Eat?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Image of an apple and tooth brush. Many adults know that too much sugar is bad for dental health. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends that you consume only 10 percent of your daily calories from sugary foods and drinks. When it comes to sugar, is one type of sugar better than another? The simple answer is no, but as a rule, natural sugar in fruit is much better for your overall health than refined sugar.

Why Is Sugar So Bad for Your Teeth and Gums?

The primary reason sugar, any type of sugar, is so horrible for your teeth and gums has to do with bacteria. You have bacteria in your mouth all the time, and most of the bacteria in your mouth are helpful bacteria. That helpful bacteria helps your digestive system begin to break down your food in order to digest all of the nutrients fully and get nutrients out to your cells.

While the majority of the bacteria in your mouth are helpful, there are also strains of harmful bacteria. These harmful bacteria cause periodontal disease and tooth decay. The acids created by the harmful bacteria act on your tooth enamel and, over time, begin to eat away at it, causing cavities. Gum disease is also caused by the same types of bacteria that cause tooth decay. They create gum infections, and if the gum disease is severe enough, you can lose gum tissue and, eventually, your teeth. Because bacteria love any sugar, there is not one type of sugar that is better for your dental health than another.

Do I Have to Give Up Sugar?

You do not have to give up sugar completely; just make sure that, as with many delicious things in life, you consume sugar in moderation. You can also keep your levels of bacteria down by brushing your teeth after you consume sugar. That way, you remove some of the sugar particles from your teeth and gums and get rid of bad bacteria. Also, be sure that you are keeping up with your dental appointments. If it has been a while since your last dental visit, why not give us a call today to set up your next appointment?
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