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Relationship Between Dental Health and Concussions

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Close up of a hand holding a sports guardAlthough the relationship between dental wellness and concussions may not be evident at first, a new study indicates that teeth and jaw health may have an impact on concussion risk and treatment. The general public and athletes alike must comprehend this link.

Jaw Alignment and the Risk of Concussions

Jaw alignment is essential regarding force distribution throughout the head during contact. The way impact forces pass through the skull can be affected by a crooked jaw, which could raise the possibility of a concussion.

Mouthguards as Defense Equipment

It is standard procedure in contact sports to wear a mouthguard that fits properly to prevent dental injury. Interestingly, new research indicates mouthguards may help lower the likelihood of concussions.

The Function of Dental Health in General Wellness

Keeping the teeth in good condition benefits general health, including mental health. Systemic discomfort may be made worse by oral infections or prolonged inflammation, which may affect how the body reacts to traumatic injuries like concussions.

Considerations for Dental Care Following Concussions

Those who have had a concussion might be required to pay attention to their dental health as they rehabilitate. After a concussion, problems including altered bite patterns, jaw discomfort, or teeth grinding may occur. Treating these issues with a dental professional as part of a comprehensive treatment plan may speed up healing.

Dentistry and Healthcare Providers Working Together

A partnership between dentists and medical professionals is crucial, particularly in sports medicine, as evidenced by the link between dental hygiene and concussions. Dentists can contribute significantly to a holistic strategy for head injury avoidance and treatment by offering insightful information about jaw alignment, TMJ function, and the effectiveness of protective mouthguards.

A thorough approach to head wellness incorporates dental and medical viewpoints on everything from mouthguard usage and jaw alignment to the effect of TMJ disorder on concussion-like sensations. People can protect their general well-being regarding dental and brain health by being aware of and acting against these linkages. Contact us via our website to book an appointment for a dental checkup today.

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