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Menopause and Dental Implants

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Image of an older woman smiling. Menopause is a natural biological process that marks the end of the reproductive years of women. It brings about different systemic changes, some of which might impact oral health. For women going through or thinking about going through menopause, it is essential to understand the connection between dental implants and this body transition.

Menopause and Dental Hygiene

The oral tissues are susceptible to the effects of menopause-related hormonal changes, mainly changes in estrogen levels. Cavities and gum disease are more likely to develop in people who experience xerostomia or reduced saliva flow.

Loss of Bone Density

Estrogen is an essential molecule to keep bone density constant. One of the most critical factors in maintaining healthy teeth and dental implants is maintaining enough jawbone density, which can be compromised when estrogen levels drop after menopause.

Dental Problems

In menopausal gingivostomatitis, the gums become dry, glossy, and easily infected. It compromises the efficacy of dental implants and the structural integrity of the natural teeth.

Eliminating Potential Dangers

You should consult your doctor before taking supplements or medicines to increase bone density. Regular checkups help identify and treat oral health problems before they worsen.

Implications for Bone Density

Enough jawbone density is needed for dental implant surgery to anchor the implants securely. Given the menopausal bone loss, this may be jeopardized and may necessitate further surgeries, such as bone grafts.

Maintaining Good Tooth Health

For implants to work, a patient must have healthy gums. Changes in gum health that occur after menopause can raise the likelihood of peri-implant disorders.

Personal Dental Care

When considering getting implants, keeping your oral hygiene in check is essential. Good dental and general health can be achieved by not smoking, not consuming alcohol, and eating a balanced diet.

Oral wellness, bone density, and gum health should be thoroughly evaluated during menopause at a visit with a dentist and, if necessary, a healthcare professional. Dental implants, when placed and cared for correctly, can provide postmenopausal women a chance to regain the healthy function and beautiful smile they once had. For a thorough checkup and discussion about possible implants, make an appointment with our office today.
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