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The Effects of Dental Neglect and How to Address It.

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
The Effects of Dental Neglect and How to Address It.The failure to properly maintain one's teeth and gums is known as dental neglect. Cavities, gum disease, poor breath, and tooth loss are some of the oral health issues resulting from this. It can also impact general health in extreme circumstances because poor oral hygiene has been associated with several systemic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Results of Dental Neglect

Dental neglect can have substantial consequences, which often worsen with time. Initial neglect may result in plaque accumulation, a sticky bacterial film that develops on the teeth. This can result in cavities and gingivitis, a minor gum disease that makes the gums red, swollen, and bleed. If gingivitis is not treated, it can develop into periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease that can cause the gums to recede and eventually cause tooth loss.

Methods of Dental Care

Adopting a proactive attitude toward oral health to address dental neglect is crucial. Regular dental checkups, brushing and flossing twice daily, and mouthwash are all part of this. Additionally, it is critical to keep a balanced diet, cut back on sugary and acidic foods and beverages, and stop smoking. There are affordable and accessible solutions for receiving dental care available for those with a hectic schedule or financial restrictions.

Treatment may need extra attention in cases of severe dental neglect. In some situations, deep cleaning, crowns or fillings for the teeth, root canal therapy, and tooth extractions may all be part of this. Surgery may be required to rebuild the gum and bone structure in severe gum disease situations.

In conclusion, dental neglect can negatively affect oral and general health. It is critical to take preventative measures against dental neglect and, when necessary, seek professional care. The best oral health may be maintained, and dental issues can be avoided with regular dental checkups, proper oral hygiene habits, and a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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