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5 Causes of Tooth Pain

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Evan
5 Causes of Tooth PainVarious studies show that an approximated 22 percent of American adults experience pain in their jaw, teeth, or gums. If we leave the pain unattended, it may lead to further complications down the line. Therefore, it is always important to consult or reach out to a dentist when you experience pain in your teeth.

Pain in the tooth can often be persistent at times and hard to ignore. Thus, it is important to take care of your teeth at all times. Taking care of your teeth will ensure that you have healthy teeth at all times. That being said, you will need to maintain your dental check-ups, brush your teeth at least twice daily, floss daily, and cut down on sugary foods. There are many reasons why you may experience tooth pain, these include.


Cavities occur when bacteria present in your mouth erode the surface of teeth, which in turn cause holes in them. Without immediate treatment, these cavities can spread and reach the nerves of the tooth, causing severe pain. The pain that you will experience may be continuous or it can be a sharp occasional pain.

Tooth Abscess

Abscess refers to the pocket of pus that can be found around the tooth, in the gum, or in the bone that holds the tooth in place. An infection in the tooth will cause the pus to form around the tooth. You may experience an intense throbbing pain because of the abscess that may become gradually worse.

Grinding Teeth

The grinding of teeth may cause pain in your jaw and teeth. However, most people do not even know that they grind teeth because it usually happens at night. Teeth grinding puts a strain on your teeth, which is why you may experience pain.

Enamel Erosion

The enamel may erode from brushing teeth too hard, eating highly acidic foods, or even dry mouth. Once the enamel erodes, it exposes the dentin. This causes a sharp pain when you eat or drink hot or cold drinks and food.

Wisdom Teeth

If you are experiencing pain in the teeth at the back of your mouth, it may be because of wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth emerge through the gum, you may experience some pain or discomfort.

When tooth pain starts, it is important to see a dentist, do not ignore it. If you have intensive tooth pain that is accompanied by swelling in the jaw or gum, then this may be a dental emergency and you need to go to the dentist immediately.
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