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Treatment Options For Tooth Infection

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Evan
Treatment Options For Tooth InfectionA tooth infection comes with massive discomfort that affects your daily life. Pain, pus, headache, and fever are among the experiences of people with tooth abscesses. Like other infections, treating an abscess is the only way to stop its spread and prevent other complications. Seeking a dentist's intervention immediately is important.

The infection will spread to other tissues and teeth when you wait longer. This can result in overall tooth loss. The dentists will examine your case and recommend the best treatment option. If it is your first time suffering a tooth infection, here are the possible treatment options available:


When you visit a dentist with a tooth abscess, they can recommend an incision procedure. This option involves draining pus on the affected tooth. The dentist will create a small incision on the tooth and drain any pus on the surface. This procedure helps to clear all bacteria and enhance healing.

Root Canal

The bacterial attack affects and damages your tooth pulp before spreading to other parts. The root canal removes the damaged pulp and fills the space to prevent future infections. The goal is to treat the infection while saving your tooth. Your tooth will return to its normal state after the procedure. However, you must take care of the tooth to enhance its lifespan.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, the damage to your tooth might be irreversible. A root canal and incision will not work at this point. When you visit a dentist, they will recommend a tooth extraction. They will remove the infected tooth and drain the pus to stop the infection from spreading to other teeth. Also, they can prescribe some antibiotics to ensure you get rid of the remaining bacteria. In this essence, tooth infection will not go away on its own. Consider visiting our offices for advice on the best option to treat your tooth abscess.
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