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Dental Bridges: What Is a Dental Bridges and Their Functions

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Evan
Dental Bridges: What Is a Dental Bridges and Their FunctionsA dental bridge is a false tooth made to replace a lost tooth and cemented in place to perform the functions of a normal tooth. If you have any missing tooth, a dentist will take a measurement, and dental technicians will make a bridge to emulate the lost tooth. The following are the functions of a dental bridge.

Filling a Dental gap Caused by a Missing Tooth

The primary purpose of a dental bridge is to fill the space of a missing tooth. Bridges help improve the appearance of patients' mouths when they are speaking, smiling, or laughing. Dental bridges may sometimes be used when there are signs of large cavities in teeth. The severely damaged teeth are removed before the dental bridge is placed. Patients will also speak properly after filling in a dental bridge.

Aesthetic Purposes

Teeth play an important role in the appearance of a person's face and boost confidence whenever they smile. A dental bridge can be placed on teeth with significant discoloration and slight deformation. The placement of a dental bridge prevents teeth from moving out of their position, which can alter the appearance of the jaw and mouth.

Functional Reason

Dental bridges help in improving the function of the mouth. Functions such as chewing and speaking are affected whenever teeth are missing. Filing a dental bridge helps restore a person's chewing and speaking capabilities. After filling a dental bridge, it becomes easy to properly distribute force while chewing food. Dental dentures help maintain strong and healthy teeth and prevent further damage.


Generally, dental bridges are used for several reasons. The reasons are aesthetic purposes, normal mouth function purposes, and filling up gaps left by tooth cavities to ensure comfort during chewing and talking. Dental bridges also help align the jaw and face.

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