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Do Kids Always Get Teeth in the Same Order?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
Do Kids Always Get Teeth in the Same Order?The teeth process in babies is part of the development of a child's dental structure. The process starts as soon as they are a few months old. By the time the kid is three years old, they will have 20 teeth. However, the order in which kids get their teeth is a matter of concern for some parents. This makes it important to understand the order of teething in children and if it needs professional care.

Order of Teething

In most cases, teething in kids follows a certain sequence. They start by getting the front teeth (central incisors), first molars, canines, then lastly, the second molars. In most cases, the bottom front teeth erupt first. As much as this is the normal order of teething, the teeth can sometimes erupt out of order. However, this shouldn't be a cause of concern among parents.

The teething process varies from one baby to another. In some babies, teething might start as early as 4-7 months. It could also take as long as nine months to 1 year in others. A baby can be born with one or more teeth, depending on the genetics of the mother. If either parent got their teeth early, the baby could also have the same. However, the order of teething shouldn't be a concern, especially when the teeth are healthy.

One problem parents with teething babies face is the pain and discomfort it causes. If you are experiencing challenges taking care of your teething baby, you should get in touch with us for professional help. Our professionals will advise you on the best way to handle a teething baby and how you can relieve their pain. This will help make your child comfortable. Contact our offices for more information on the teething process.
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