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What You Should Not Do After Tooth Extraction

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Evan
What You Should Not Do After Tooth ExtractionAn extraction might be the best treatment remedy when you have a tooth that is decayed or infected. For irreparable teeth damage, your dentist will advise you on tooth extraction. After the procedure, you must be quite careful of how you take care of your mouth. Some of the things you should not do after a tooth extraction include:

Avoid Touching the Sutures

The first thing you should avoid after a tooth extraction is to interfere with the sutures. Although it can be pretty tempting, it significantly lowers the healing process. Do what it takes to ensure the area is untouched. After eating, ensure you rinse your mouth with a saline solution to avoid food pieces being lodged in the sutures and delaying healing.

Avoid Smoking or Taking Alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes interfere with the normal healing process. The substances can also interfere with the pain medication you are taking. Refrain from alcohol and tobacco days before and after the extraction.

Avoid Hard Foods

After tooth extraction, avoid eating hard foods. Instead, opt for soft foods that are easy to chew until you fully recover. You can opt for foods such as smoothies or soup, as they will not damage the extraction site. You should only introduce hard foods after the site is healed.

Ensure you also avoid foods that are spicy and crunchy. Any food that can irritate the extraction site, such as grains and seeds, should be avoided in the first few days. Too hot or cold substances in your mouth may cause pain and should also be avoided.

Avoid Using Straws

When drinking juices or smoothies, avoid using straws after the tooth extraction. A straw will create a suction effect in your mouth, dislodge blood clots and interfere with the healing process. When taking soft foods, consider using a spoon instead.
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