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Do You Need a Root Canal?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Evan
Do You Need a Root Canal?You might have visited the dentist due to tooth decay and they recommended a root canal procedure. Many people shiver by the thought of it because they think it is a very painful and long procedure. In this article you will learn more about the procedure.

What Is Root Canal Treatment

Your tooth has three parts, the crown which is the visible part, the root which is covered by the gum and the pulp which is the hollow part that has blood vessels and nerve endings. This hollow part is what is referred to as the root canal. Root canal treatment involves the removal of tissues inside the tooth to save the tooth and avoid infection of that tooth.

Why You Need It

You might need to have a root canal procedure if your tooth has a cavity that spreads deep inside the tooth to the pulp. This can lead to an infection that may damage the bone and make the tooth lose. The damaged pulp causes tooth sensitivity when subjected to high or low temperatures. The procedure aims at stopping the pain and saving your tooth. A lot of pain when chewing food and a cracked tooth are also signs that you need to undergo the procedure.

Treatment Procedure

This procedure requires one or two visits. There are three steps in this treatment. First you are given anesthesia to numb the pain before cleaning the root canal. This involves removal of the tissues inside the tooth. Next, the hollow part is cleaned and disinfected. The part is then filled and cemented to seal it. The third step is where a filling or crown is used to protect the fragile tooth.

Root canals are safe and have a high success rate. We offer root canal treatment at our clinic, call us to book an appointment.
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