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Inspiring Kids to Look After Their Teeth

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Evan
Inspiring Kids to Look After Their TeethKeeping sweets and candies away from kids is a challenge. They also tend to binge eat junk food more than adults do. Since kids don't understand the importance of good oral hygiene, helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums can be difficult. Our pediatric dental professionals strive to teach kids how to independently look after their oral health.

Children Lead the Way

An important step our professionals follow is to advise parents on their kid's dental health. We ask parents to allow children to take the lead. Let them choose a toothbrush they like and allow them to brush their teeth without the urge to correct them if they go astray.

If you notice they are not brushing all their teeth or they are brushing too quickly, try showing them videos on how it is done correctly. Children tend to follow what is shown to them and maintaining dental hygiene is no different.

As a parent, you may have to remind them to brush their teeth every day for the first couple of days. Make sure they get into the habit of doing this without hovering around them.

Healthy Habits

It is a fact that you cannot take sweets away from kids and since sweets are the number one cause of tooth decay, it scares parents. If your kid has a sweet tooth, don't stop them from enjoying their favorite snacks. All you need to do is make them promise they will rinse their mouth after they eat the sweet.

Make it a practice to reward them with something they love only if they assure you they will rinse their mouth later on. You can also introduce a competition wherein you reward your kid on a weekly or monthly basis for good dental practices.

Regular dental appointments for kids are just as important as they are for adults. If your kid hasn't had a dental exam in the past 6 months, call to book an appointment.
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