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What Justifies a Bone Graft?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
What Justifies a Bone Graft?In a surgical process called bone grafting, diseased or damaged bones are repaired and rebuilt using transplanted bone. Our dentists will help you decide on the bone graft to repair your teeth.

Your surgeon inserts a fresh piece of bone during the grafting of the bone in the area where a bone needs to repair or fuse. The new bone's cells can then self-seal to the existing bone. Grafting can sometimes be a common technique carried out by our surgeons as part of another medical procedure. Sometimes a synthetic substance is applied in a similar manner. Usually, a general anesthetic will be used to put you to sleep during the procedure.

How does A Patient Prepare for Bone Grafting?

Discuss the best way to be ready for your bone graft procedure with our healthcare practitioner. Ask our doctor if you need to stop taking any medications, such as blood thinners, before the event. If you smoke, attempt to give it up before your treatment to hasten your recovery. All of the medications you use, including any OTC medications like aspirin, should be disclosed to your healthcare professional. Depending on why you require a bone graft, you might need to undertake additional preparations in advance. For instance, you might need to change your living arrangements if you will not be able to stand after surgery.

What is The Treatment?

Keep all of your scheduled follow-up appointments. A week or so following your operation, you might need to have your staples or stitches removed. To assess how well your bone heals, our doctor may order a number of X-rays. For the greatest likelihood of a complete recovery, carefully follow all the recommendations made by our healthcare provider. For more information call us today.
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