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I Received Dental Fillings, How Can I Extend Their Lifespan?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Evan
I Received Dental Fillings, How Can I Extend Their Lifespan?Once you get fillings to restore a cavitated tooth you will want to keep working properly for years to come. Fillings don't last a lifetime, but with optimal care, you can still extend their lifespan. How long your fillings last largely and foremost depend on the material you choose.

Types of Fillings

Tooth-colored resin provides a more natural look and blends with the nearby teeth. If you ensure adequate care, resin fillings are able to last you a very long. Nonetheless, you have to get them replaced after approximately 7 to 10 years based on the care you award them.

Silver amalgam fillings are very common, but young people and some adults have concerns about how they look. The silver color does not match the natural tooth enamel. Silver fillings can endure for about 15 years. Moreover, gold fillings survive the longest, reaching up to 30 years, though they are much more costly.

How to Lengthen Fillings' Lifespan

A dentist will advise you to clean and floss adequately if you have fillings. It is critical to not only maintaining your oral health but the lifespan of your fillings. You also need to go for the twice-yearly dental inspections and cleanings to that the dentist spots any issues with your fillings before they worsen.

A dentist may suggest dental X-rays to determine whether the tooth is deteriorating beneath the fillings. In addition to that, patients need to refrain from clenching and grinding. These habits can result in tooth decay and could also damage the fillings. A dentist may suggest you wear a mouthguard to provide protection to the fillings as well as the teeth.

Contact us to learn ways to take care of dental fillings. We are happy when we see your fillings serve you for a long time without troubles or needing replacement.

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